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Remote Control 4 LED Light Strips

Question from customer:

I am looking remote controller to control 4 LED light strips. Each of LED lights should be supported a 9V battery and remote controller should control over them individually wirelessly. I was wondering whether your 9V 4 channel wireless relays are favorable for me, basically, I am looking for a way to wirelessly control 4 led lights that draw very little power.


We recommend 9V 4 channel multi-mode remote control module  to you (S4C-DC09 with C-4). This 4CH RF wireless remote control switch operates in toggle, momentary, latched and toggle + momentary control mode (set the mode as you like freely). You can use it to complete four operations at the same time. For example, turn the light on, open the door or control other dc/ac electrical devices in the meantime. It is applied for light remote control, motor remote control, garage door remote control, gate remote control, etc. The remote control distance is 100m (300ft).

As your requirement, you may set “Toggle mode” that means each led light strip will be controlled on and off by one button. They work individually and wirelessly. No interferences among them.



The following is the wiring diagram. We use four colors to distinguish four LED light strips. Each led light strips’ negative terminal should be connected to the receiver’s negative terminal. Each positive terminal of led light strips is supposed to connect to receiver normally open terminal C. Connect terminals B of receiver to receiver’s positive terminal with wires. At last, switch on the power.



Setting control mode Toggle: Only connect Jumper-2.

Press button 1, warm white color led light strip is on.

Press button 2, the green led light strip is on.

Press button 3, the red led light strip is on.

Press button 4, the white color led light strip is on.

Press button 1 again, the warm white color led light strip is off.

Press button 2 again, the green color led light strip is off.

Press button 3 again, the red color led light strip is off.

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