Remote Control Crystal Glass Panel Doorbell Switch

Question from customer:

I want to use your remote control system control an electromechanical bell. Do you have any kind of remotes suitable?


We recommend 1 channel momentary remote kit and doorbell touch switch to you make a wireless doorbell. This 1 channel dc rf remote control momentary switch is with direct power output function. The input and output power are the same. It is easier for wiring and operation and widely applied to control lights, motors, fans, electrically operated doors / locks / windows or other electrical devices. Doorbell touch switch is quick and easy to install, as normal light switch.

remote doorbell

How to make them work? Let’s read the following procedure.

The first step, you may solder two terminals of 1-button transmitter backside to doorbell switch “L1&L” terminals backside.

transmitterdoorbell switch backside

remote&touch switch connection

And next, your doorbell should be connected to the receiver like the diagram. Connect doorbell to “A&B” terminal. Then switch on power.


Finally, press the button on switch outdoor, is equivalent to press button of transmitter. The transmitter will send RF signal to receiver. Then, the bell will ring. So it makes a wireless doorbell.

doorbell at door

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