One Transmitter Controls 4 Garden Goods Shop Lighted Signs

One of our customers has 4 small lighted exterior signs around a garden goods shop building and would like to control all four signs to go on and off by a simple RF system switch. He is wondering whether this is possible or not?

garden goods lighted sign

Our suggestion is that he can order 4 receivers for remote control model of S1X-AC220-ANT2 and one grant range remote transmitter CB-4. All lighted signs are respectively installed to each receiver for longer remote distance.

The theoretical transmitting distance is 2000m (6000FT) in the open field. Even though in actual operation, it is hindered by trees, walls or other obstacles, or interfered by other signals. It is still enough for the exterior signs around the building.

CB-4 transmitterreceiver

4 lighted signs should be wired to 4 receivers’ L&N terminals individually. Wiring diagram as shown below:

application circuit


Press button “A”, switch on sign 1; Press button “A” again, switch off sign1.

Press button “D”, switch on sign 4; Press button “D” again, switch off sign 4.


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