One transmitter and 6 receivers remote control 6 lights in football field

Our company specializes in researching and developing remote control system for home appliances and industrial devices. Our products are popular among people who are keen on refitting some devices with remote controller. They come to us to search any products which will meet their needs.

A football field administrator is looking for to remote control his 6 lights in the football field because he doesn’t want to switch the manual switches one by one in the control room. He really needs a set of rf long range remote control system.

He wants to control 6 lights in the football field simultaneously like the following picture:


Here are the transmitter and receiver we selected for him:


Each receiver has antenna so that it can receive the signal far away from the transmitter. The distance is about 1000m in an open ground. So it is quite favorable for football field.

According to his requirement, we prepare 6 receivers to connected 6 lights separately.


Wires from the light should be connected to A&B terminals of receiver. 12 DC power should power to the receiver.


Pressing the big button, 6 lights are turned on.

Pressing the small button, 6 lights are turned off.

After using this kind of remote controller, he will control those 6 lights in this football field at ease at night.

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