Momentary 12V Remote Switch Combines with Movement Sensor for Hot Water Pump Motor

Question from customer:

I want to control a water heater recirculation pump via wireless motion sensors. The pump will activate on a momentary 12 volt pulse. It will need three separate detectors from 3 different locations. They are kitchen, shower room, toilet. When someone enters those places, the water heater recirculation pump begins to work and supply cool water to heater.


We recommend our wireless infrared motion detector and 1 channel momentary 12V receiver (W-01&S1XM-DC12) to you. The wireless infrared motion will detect any movement of area of detection within 10M. In addition, the receiver is designed for momentary mode with 1 channel, which is for one appliance controlling. The designated appliance won’t need to be supplied any power instead of getting power from powered receiver. This unit’s working distance can reach 100M(theoretically).

motion detector and receiver

Here is the receiver and pump motor wiring. Wiring motor to A&B terminals and supply dc power to receiver, and motor will get power from powered receiver.

S1XM-DC12 circuit copy


When someone enters into the area of detection, the motion detector will be triggered by any movement. The movement detector will send message to the receiver. When the receiver receives the signal from motion detector, it will activate the water heater pump to supply water to heater.

water heater recirculation

Using notes:

Note 1: Don’t put the detector towards lighting, sunshine or the computer.

Note 2: Don’t put the detector in an environment of strong wind, steam, oil smoke or be exposed to high temperature.

Note 3: Don’t put any obstacles in the detecting area.

Note 4: Don’t install 2 or more infrared movement detectors within a small space.

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