Mobile Phone WIFI Controller for Drawer Lock—Android App

When you unlock your drawer lock, maybe you will take out the mechanical key and unlock the mechanical drawer lock as usual. At this very moment, have you imaged that you can use mobile WIFI to unlock drawer lock? It is quite convenient, easy and leisurely. Mobile phone WiFi controller, which is our brand new product, is working at WiFi network which has 8 relays to connect 8 devices. With external extended antenna, it is a long distance controller. Another advantage of it is to penetrate through walls, doors or other obstacles. Let’s see how to do with it.

wifi remote controldrawer lock

First, we prepare materials and do some wiring.

WiFi controller (WF-8-1R)

1×mobile phone (Android System)

1×electric drawer lock

Power supply

Some lines

WF-8-1R material

This is the simple wiring. We connect drawer lock to the receiver’s power with lines. That is to say ,the receiver can supply power to drawer lock.

WF-8-1R wiring

After simple wiring, we switch on the power. The power LED light is on. With the shining of the WiFi start-up LED light, we turn on WiFi of mobile phone. The WiFi connection status LED light is on. We press the control software installed in the mobile phone and press the ”Connect”.

WF-8-1R connection

Press button 1, drawer is unlocked; Open the drawer.

WF-8-1R unlock

Press button 1 again, lock the drawer.

WF-8-1R lock

Operation Video:

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