Manual Switch Turn on LED On the Receiver Remotely and Turn off it after delay time

Question from customer:

The transmitter is to function as a switch to the receiver activated by supplying a 12v DC

current to the transmitter (switching it on).

The receiver then permits a 12v DC current to be supplied to a specific appliance. When the transmitter is shut off the receiver should have a 15 to 20 second delay before stopping supply to its appliance which will then shut down.


We recommend this kind of controlling unit —12V time delayed receiver and low voltage triggered transmitter (S1X-DC12-ANT2+CB-2V) to you. It is applied for device controlling another device. The remarkable characteristic of the transmitter CB-2V will be triggered by DC power 5~28V input. That’s to say, when you give voltage of 5~28V to the transmitter, transmitter will be on. We add external extended antenna which makes transmitting distance up to 2000m. We design time delayed function program for this receiver which can realize that the controlled appliance on the receiver will be off after 15~20 seconds when you shut off transmitter. We can preset time according to you requirement.


According to the picture above, he wants the transmitter can be activated by manual switch and turn receiver on/off when the current in that circuit is on/off. First, the transmitter is supposed to be connected to power supply and that manual switch. Second, designated appliance should be connected to receiver. In addition, you don’t have to supply power to your appliance because appliance will get power through powered receiver.

S1X-DC12 receiver

S1X-DC12 transmitter

Let’s see practical use. Here is the transmitter and manual switch wiring.

CB-2V-and manual switch

S1X-DC+CB-2V-lamp on

We switch on the manual switch and the transmitter will send an “ON” signal to the receiver. The receiver receives the signal to instruct the light to turn on. We switch off the manual switch and the transmitter will send an “OFF” signal to the receiver. Owning to the time delayed program, the receiver won’t give response to transmitter. After 15~20 seconds, the receiver will instruct the light to turn off. (The delay time is preset according to your requirement.)

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