Long Range RF Remote For Dragonboat Competition Starting Light System

Recently, a customer came to us to look for remote control system for a starting light system for dragonboat competition, he would like to use your one 8 channel remote and 3 CB-8 transmitters for getting timing splits from 3 different locations on a race course, the distances from the receiver and the transmitter is 1500 meters, 1000 meters and 500 meters. He wanted to know it is possible to do?
race start lightsdragonboat
This dc power long range RF remote— 0020353 (S8CA-DC12-ANT2 & CB-8) may be favorable for him. With 8 working modes, this kind of RF remote can be set different working mode as long as you like. The maximum working current of each relay is 5amp. The working distance is up to 2000m (6000FT) in open air with external mount antenna. The most important point is that one receiver can pair with three transmitters when they are used together.
8 channel remote control kit
As seen in the picture, each light is connected to normally open terminal of each relay individually.
8 channel receiver application circuit

So as the customer said, this remote control is for starting light system to get timing splits from 3 different locations. Then, the first person goes to 1500 meters from the receiver with the first transmitter. The second person goes to 1000 meters from the receiver with the second transmitter and the third person goes to 500 meters from the receiver with the third transmitter.

Each person in different location can remote control the same receiver.

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