Long Range Control 4 LED Lamps—On to Many Series System

Question from customer:

I am looking for a long range (1000m theoretically) RF control. The transmitter can be 4 buttons.  The receivers should be 12V DC models with 2 channels each and a remote antenna for each receiver.

Our answer:

We recommend 2 channel one to many remote control kit—S2UB-DC12+CB-4. The receiver is designed for one-transmitter-many-receivers system. There are two channels for each receiver. You can use 2 receivers with transmitter CV-4 or CB-4. For the transmitter, we recommend CB-4 to you because the working distance of this transmitter can be 1000m when it pairs with the receiver. As your requirement, you want to add a remote antenna for each receiver. Certainly, you can choose external antennas for them (see the following pictures). With the extended external antennas, the transmitting distance will reach about 2000m in the open air. This kit is also a multi-mode remote control which includes four working modes, toggle, momentary, latched and momentary+toggle.



We should prepare two receivers, one transmitter, 4 lamps, and 12V power supply.

This is the wiring diagram. According to the left side diagram, two led lamps are both connected to common terminals B of two relays and using wires to connect normally open terminals C of two relays. Then, two lamps is supplied 12 V power supply. On the other hand, we should offer power supply to the receiver. Do the same procedure for another receiver.


Press button A, turn on lamp 1; Press button A again, turn off lamp 1.

Press button B, turn on lamp 2; Press button B again, turn off lamp 2.

Press button C, turn on lamp 3; Press button C again, turn off lamp 3.

Press button D, turn on lamp 4; Press button D again, turn off lamp 4.



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