LED Lamp is Controlled by RF Transceiver

Question from customer

Hi I have a 12V powered standalone device that is installed on a carbon fiber ledge (facing up) up on top of a very high carbon fiber mast (50m high) and as you can imagine it’s not ideal to get someone to go up and down the mast to turn this device on/off (or to replace the battery ).

Can you outline suggest a suitable/reliable product of yours to switch my (1 channel) device on/off and has very little demands on the 12V battery (as I need it to last as long as possible by switching it off)?

I’m actually using an 11.1V 5000mA power strip (that could power your relay receiver if has low current demands).

So maybe you can you tell me the receivers power demands to achieve this task please?


We recommend the receiver (model 0020290 S1SL-DC12) and the transmitter CB-2 to you. It is the 12 V one channel latched mode remote transceiver. It is also activated by 12V power supply. Paired with long distance transmitter CB-2, its working distance can be 1000m (3000ft). There is no need to go up and down the mast to turn device on and off. Using a remote controller to control device, it is very convenient to you. As regards the latched mode, it is motivated by relay group. For relay group, only one relay will be on at a time. So the big button of this transmitter only turns on the device when you press. And the small button only turns off the device.

We made a demonstration to show how to use this remote controller.

First off all, we prepared the following material.

S1SL-DC&CB-2 material


According to the wiring diagram, lamp is connected to the normally open terminal NO &COM. The lamp should be supplied 12V power supply.

application circuit

S1SL-DC&CB-2 wiring

When you press big button on the transmitter, turn on lamp.

S1SL-DC&CB-2 lamp on

When you press small button on the transmitter, turn off lamp.

S1SL-DC&CB-2 lamp off



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