How to Use WIFI Controller with iOS System to Control LED Light

Smartphone WIFI Controller now supports 4.6 ~ 6.1 version iOS system other than 2.1 ~ 4.0 version Android software system. It is another choice of controlling device when you use iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Its controlling software is installed in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by iTunes.

We try to demonstrate the controlling of LED light by iPod.

First, we prepare materials and do some wiring.

1×WiFi controller (WF-8-1R)


1×LED light strip

12V power supply for LED light strip

9V power supply for WiFi controller

Some lines


Here is wiring.


After switching on the power, 3 LED indication lights on the controller are on one by one. (iPod has connected to WIFI controller when 3 LED indication lights are all on.) We can start the operation.

WF-8-1R(iOS)-switch on

Press WIFI controller software icon and press ”Connect” icon.

WF-8-1R(iOS)-software connection

Press “T” to set “Toggle Mode”.

WF-8-1R(iOS)-setting T mode

Press button 1, turn on the light strip. Press button 1 again, turn off the light strip.

WF-8-1R(iOS)-light on

WF-8-1R (iOS)-light off

Press”0s” to set “Time Delay Mode”. Set the timer for 5 seconds and turn on the light.

WF-8-1R(iOS)-delay time setting

WF-8-1R(iOS)-light on(delay time)

The light will be off after 5 seconds.

WF-8-1R iOS-light off (delay time)

Operational Video:

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