How to Remote Control Two Gates Open and Close

Question from customer:

I am looking for a transmitter and receiver with at least 3 buttons (4 max ) to be used to open and close my gate. I don’t know which is better RF or UHF? Do you have anything that can work for me? I will do the electronics all I need is the option to latch or momentary relay outputs.


We recommend 4 channel 12V multi-mode remote controller (S4C-DC12+C-4). It operates in toggle, momentary, latched and toggle + momentary control mode (set the mode as you like freely). You can use it to complete four operations at the same time. For example, turn the light on, open the door or control other dc/ac electrical devices in the meantime. It is applied for light remote control, motor remote control, garage door remote control, gate remote control, etc. We think this remote can be used for controlling gate. That is to say, you can use this remote control to control one or two motors of your gate. To realize gate opening and closing, one motor needs two relays to support.


Secondly, it is the wiring. Suppose you have two gates to remote control. We will wire motors to receiver according to the wiring diagram. B is the common terminal. A is the closed terminal and C is the open terminal. Usually, one relay can only switch on and off one motor. So each two relays can control one motor rotate in positive and reverse direction. We connect two motors to B terminals to every two relays respectively. Connect terminal C to the positive and connect terminal A to the negative.

application circuit

We choose momentary working mode: only connect Jumper-1. (We usually use momentary mode for motor controlling. Or you can also choose latched mode if you want.)

Press and hold button 1, motor 1 rotates in positive direction, gate 1 is opening. Release button 1, motor 1 stops.

Press and hold button 2, motor 1 rotates in reverse direction, gate 1 is closing. Release button 2, motor 1 stops.

Press and hold button 3, motor 2 rotates in positive direction, gate 2 is opening. Release button 3, motor 3 stops.

Press and hold button 4, motor 2 rotates in reverse direction, gate 2 is closing. Release button 4, motor 2stops.

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