How to Remote Control Spot light

One of our customers is a lighting designer, who is in charge of stage lighting for a show. He wants to remote control 4 stage spot lights with a remote. And each button can control each light on and off respectively.

We recommend him 4 channel remote switch kit (S4T-DC12+C-4). This is a toggle mode remote controller. It is often used to light controlling. We press the button of remote, turn on the light; press the button again, turn off the light. He can switch on and off any of lights as he wants. Normally open and close terminals connection method is capable of controlling appliances with AC110~240V or DC0~28V.

remote  control

We can give him a demonstration of controlling lights.

We need the following material. They are remote control kit, LED lights, power adaptors and some lines.

S4T-DC12&C-4 material

This is the wiring diagram and wiring picture.


S4T-DC12&C-4 wiring

Press button 1, turn on light 1; press button 1 again, turn off light 1.

S4T-DC12 button 1 on&off

Press button 2, turn on light 2; press button 2 again, turn off light  2.

S4T-DC12 button 2 on&off

Press button 3, turn on light 3; press button 3 again, turn off light 3.

S4T-DC12 button 3 on&off

Press button 4, turn on light 4; press button 4 again, turn off light4.

S4T-DC12 button 4 on&off

Switching on and off spot lights by one transmitter is very convenient to him. He can stand anywhere to control spot lights within a reliable distance (100m). The wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.


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