How to Remote Control Light with Sensor in a Long Distance

Question from customer:

Hello, I have a question about your products and a system I’m attempting to build. I have four sensors that give off about 5 volts when activated. When a sensor is activated I want to transmit a signal to a light and turn on a light.

The basic design is:

Sensor —> Transmitter  –>(Wireless)–> Receiver —> Light What I’m asking is what transmitter could I use with the 4 Channel Receiver? Would I need 4 separate transmitters for each of the sensors?

sensor 2


We recommend the low current triggered transmitter (CB-2V) and the ac power direct output receiver (S1X-AC220).

remote controller

The transmitter is triggered by DC power 5~28V input. If low current input triggers transmitter, the transmitter will send RF signal to receiver to indicate it to work. The receiver has 1 Channel AC 110V/220V Power Output terminal contact. You don’t have to supply addition power to controlled device because the device will get power from powered receiver.

You can connect your sensor to the transmitter CB-2V, and connect your light to the receiver S1X-A220. Light is connected to L&N terminals of receiver and will get power when the receiver is connected to power supply.

tansmitter circuit


receiver circuit

When a sensor is activated, it can trigger a transmitter to transmit a signal to turn on a light. You need a separate transmitter for each of sensors.

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