How to DIY Motion Detector Light

A motion detector light is a security and energy saving feature which can be installed into dark home, hall, corridor or staircase. Within the area of detection, the motion detector will be triggered by any movement, and then send signal to the light. So the light will come on automatically. The light will stay on as long as motion is detected.

Today we’ll talk about how to diy a motion detector light using our wireless motion detector (W-01) and rf receiver (S1D-DC12) with time delay function.

Receiver specification:
Control Mode: Delay (Press -> ON; Then OFF after the delay time)
Adjustable delay time: 2~40 seconds
Coding Type: Fixed code by soldering
Operating Voltage: DC12V

Motion detector specification:
Working distance: 100 m (Open field)
Detection distance: 10m
Detection range: Fan-shaped angle 110°
Decode: Fixed code by Pins

The wiring and operation pictures are as follows:
Wire the rf receiver to the lamp.

Solder the code of receiver same as the code of detector. So does the resistance.

Turn on the power.

Move around the light, the light comes on automatically. When there is no motion, the light will be off by itself after the delay time.


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