Grant Range Remote Control is used in Metal Shed Warehouse

Our grant range remote control, S1PUA-AC220-ANT2 & CB-2 was purchased by one of our customers recently. He said that he was so happy with the items because of its good performance. What’s more, he also satisfied with our fast delivery and product tracking service.

That customer said that it is more importantly for remote control kit is to work well even in his metal shed warehouse. For installation of a device controlled by remote controller in his house, that customer also has tried other brands’ RF products but none of them can work as well as ours.

metal shed warehouse

The receiver is high power with maximum working current of 30A. It has three working modes which are toggle mode, momentary mode and latched mode. The RF signal can pass through walls, doors, floors, trees and so on. With the external mount antenna, the receiver pairs with long range transmitter-CB-2. Remote control distance of transmitter & receiver set is up to 2000m in open field.Thanks to this external extend antenna design, it enhances RF signal’s transmitting and makes excellent performance.

remote control kit

The wiring is not complicated. Just do as the following picture.

receiver application circuit


Lamp or other devices should be connected to normally open terminal A&B at first. Then we wire up the receiver. Press big button on the transmitter, the lamp or other devices will on; Press small button on the transmitter, the lamp or other devices will off.



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