AC Triggered Remote Controller Controls AC Motor

This 2 Channel RF AC Remote Controller is driven by AC power supply, which operates in toggle, momentary, latched and toggle +momentary modes (just set according to your requirement).It is very favorable for DC/AC electric devices which are hard to reach or far away from switch. It is widely used for lamps, doors, garage doors, motors and so on. Working voltage range of relay is AC 110~240V or DC 0~28V. The Maximum working current of each channel is 10amp. Sometimes, it’s not ideal and convenient to get someone to go back and forth to turn this device on/off, so remote control is your better choice. AC power supply driven remote controller can also control AC motor.

ac remote control

We will try to show you how to control positive and reversal rotation of an AC motor with this remote module. Let’s see the following material.

1×2CH RF AC receiver

1×2-button transmitter

1×AC motor

Power supply

S2U-AC220+C-2 material

Here is the wiring. There is difference with DC power supply activated remote control. Terminals L&N is supposed to connect to a plug which is inserted into a power strip with AC power supply.

S2U-AC220+C-2 wiring

We usually set “Momentary Mode” for motor control. Only connect Jumper-1. It is an easy operation.

Press and hold button 1, the motor rotates in positive direction. Release the button, motor stops.

S2U-AC220+C-2 positive rotation

Press and hold button 2, the motor rotates in reversal direction. Release the button, motor stops.

S2U-AC220+C-2 reversal rotation

Short Video:


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