AC Lamps are Controllable via Smart Mobile Phone WiFi Controller

Your mobile phone can be a remote controller if you use our new product—mobile phone WiFi controller. Receiver box contains 8 relays and can receive WiFi signal. The control software we designed should be installed to your mobile phone before you start to use our product.


It will be widely used to our home appliances and can establish a home WiFi controlling network. Let’s show how it control AC lamp easily.

First, we prepare materials and do some wiring.

1×WiFi controller (WF-8-1R)

1×mobile phone (Android System)

2×AC lamps

Power supply

WF-8-1Rcontrol AC lamp material preparation

WF-8-1R control AC lamp wiring

After simple wiring, we connect AC lamps and controller to power supply respectively. The power LED light is on. With the shining of the WiFi start-up LED light, we turn on WiFi of mobile phone. The WiFi connection status LED light is on. We press the control software installed in the mobile phone and press the ”Connect”.


Then, let’s try the “Toggle” Mode first.

Press button 1, turn on light 1; Press button 1 again, turn off light 1.

T mode light 1


Press button 2, turn on light 2; Press button 2 again, turn off light 2.

T mode light 2

All on & All off Mode:

Press “All on”, all lights are on. Press “All off”, all lights are off.

all on & all off

Time Delay Mode:

Set the timer for 5 seconds, then turn on light 1. Light 1 will be off after 5 seconds.

Time Delay mode


Thanks to the mobile phone WiFi controller to make life a lot of fun and accessible because you can get easily access to control your many home appliances not just home lighting.


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