6000ft AC Direct Output Remote Switch for Electric Appliance

Question from customer:

I want to turn an appliance off and on in a room in my house 120ft from the room with the transmitter. Does the appliance plug into the receiver and the receiver plug into an outlet?


We recommend 6000ft long range ac direct output remote controller (S1X-AC220-ANT2 & CB-2). The remarkable feature of this remote controller is that 220V power direct output, that is to say, appliance plugs into receiver directly and gets 220V power from powered receiver( receiver is plugged into an outlet.) The maximum current of its relay is 10 ampere which is suitable for some appliances. The working distance is longer than any other remote, which is about 6000ft in the open field. 6000ft is long enough for your remote controlling.


At first, it is the wiring. Look at the following wiring diagram. For instance, we remote control a lamp. We just need to wire lamp to “L&N” terminals of “OUT”. That is very easy. And supply ac 220V to receiver. Then lamp can get power from powered receiver.


And this receiver works with two-button long range transmitter. There are three working modes in it. They are Toggle, Momentary, and Latched modes. If there is only a device, we recommend setting latched mode.

Setting control mode Latched: Do not connect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2.

Press button 1: turn on the lamp.

Press button 2: Turn off the lamp.

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