50M Remote Control Reminder to Train Dog

Question from customer:

I would like to know which kind of vibrators will be strong enough to alert a deaf dog? I’d like to hook it to a collar and use it to train the dog and to also alert him.

dog training


We recommend you 50M RF remote control reminder with 4 Vibration Modes (Z-02&CS-4). This remote vibrator has two parts: vibration receiver and transmitter. It is small enough for you to carry in the pocket. Press the button on transmitter and the receiver will vibrate to alert. The receiver can be controlled by transmitter from any place within a reliable distance; wireless signal pass through walls, floors and doors. It is suitable for person or animal with hearing impairment.


With antenna, its transmitting distance is about 50M. There are vibrator, LED indicator, battery, and learning button in the receiver.

vibrator inside

The first step is deleting and learning codes:

1         Delete all stored codes:

Press and hold the button of the receiver for about 2 seconds until LED light is off, then release the button, all stored codes have been deleted successfully. At this time, the transmitter cannot control the receiver.

2         Learning remote controls:

Press the learning button of the receiver, LED light is on, the receiver is in the status of LEARNING.

Press any button of remote control within 7 seconds, if LED light flashes twice slowly then off, it means LEARNING is successful. If LED light is off after 7 seconds, it means LEARNING is failed and the receiver quits the status of LEARNING.

The second step is operation:

The receiver can learn several remote controls of different codes.

Press button A: The receiver vibrates once.

Press button B: The receiver vibrates twice. Press button C: The receiver vibrates three times. Press button D: The receiver vibrates four times.

When you press the button on transmitter, the receiver will receive the wireless signal and vibrate. Then the dog can feel the vibration.

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