30amp Output Cell phone Wi-Fi Controller for AC Lamp

Wi-Fi is a sort of short-area wireless networking, which is available in home or other public places, such as canteens, shopping malls, parks, theatres, cinemas. It can allow computers, Smartphones and other gadgets to access to internet without a wired connection. Our product is combined Smartphone with remote receiver via Wi-Fi networking to make Smartphone Wi-Fi Controller.


This kind of Wi-Fi controller is 30amp high current and ac or dc voltage direct output, that is to say, you don’t need to connect the controlled devices to its own power source. They will get through this receiver. It supports 2.1~4.0 version Android Software system and 4.6~6.1 version iOS software system. Here, we will show you how to use this Wi-Fi controller control AC lamp under Android system.

Let’s go through the procedure. Here is the material.

WF-8-2R (Android)-material

Wiring is fairly simple. You can wire ac lamp to the Output 1 as the wiring diagram shown. There are 8 Output terminals, so you can wire at least 8 devices.


WF-8-2R (Android)-wiring

After finishing wiring, we turn on power. The LEDs of “Power”, “Ready” and “Link” are on one by one. We begin to operate. After wireless network connection, press the icon of WIFI Controller software to turn on it.


WF-8-2R (Android)-connection

There are 4 working modes in it, which includes Toggle, momentary, latched and time delay modes. Toggle mode is used to control lights.

WF-8-2R (Android)-shift mode

Press button 1, turn on lamp.

WF-8-2R (Android)-lamp on

Press button 1 again, turn off lamp.

WF-8-2R (Android)-lamp off


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