240V and 12V Sirens are Triggered by One Transmitter

Question from Customer:

Hello, I would like some help to decide on what system to choose. We have a siren in a building 750m away that we would like to trigger, it is 240v. I would also like to use the same remote to activate a 12v siren 1.2km away. Is it possible for one remote to trigger two different sirens?


We recommend you two different receivers, one is long range ac power direct output receiver (S1X-AC220-ANT2), and other is long range dc power direct output receiver (S1X-DC12-ANT2). AC receiver is used to connect to 240V siren. DC receiver is used to connect to 12V siren. You can only use 2-Button transmitter (CB-2) to control all of them. With the extended external antenna, both receivers’ working distances reach 2000m (6000ft).

remote control kit


There are three working modes in each receiver.

1) Setting control mode Toggle: Only connect Jumper-2.

Press button 1: Turn on the relay.

Press button 1 again: Turn off the relay.

2) Setting control mode Momentary: Only connect Jumper-1.

Press and hold button 1: Turn on the relay.

Release button 1: Turn off the relay.

3) Setting control mode Latched: Do not connect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2.

Press button 1: Turn on the relay.

Press button 2: Turn off the relay.

In your case, you can set ‘Toggle Mode’. Press the button of remote, turn on the device; press the button again, turn off the device. Toggle mode is motivated by single relay, which means you can work this mode with single button remote. So one 2-Button transmitter is enough for you to control two sirens. Press big button, turn on the 240V siren; press again, turn off the 240V siren. Press small button, switch on the 12V siren; press again, switch off the 12V siren.


240V siren is connected to AC receiver’s OUTPUT terminal. And supply 240V power supply. 12V siren is supposed to connect to DC receiver’s A&B terminal. And supply 12V power supply.


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