2-channel Wireless Remote Switch On and Off Light and Lock

One of our customers lives in large house in the countryside and enjoys a stretch of green field. Recently, he bought an adjustable time delay control kit from us because he wants to control his door lamp and lock beside the door. When he drives in and out, he can press button to open and close the door and even he can control lamp in the evening. (as the following picture shown)

This 2-channel wireless remote switch, which we provided, operates in time delay control mode. Adjustable delay time can be 0 second~99 hours. For its 2 channels, you can adjust delay time for two relays optionally according to your actual requirement. Our customer used it to turn on the lamp and open the door in the meantime.

We would like to show the simple procedure.

After preparing material, we do some wiring. Here is the wiring picture.

The remote control kit is installed on the wall. (The following is what customer did.)

The lamp and electric lock connect to normally open terminals B&C of relay 1 and relay 2 respectively. The customer adjusted delay time 1 minute for relay 1 and 30 seconds for relay 2. Button 1&3 controls relay 1; Button 2&4 controls relay 2. He drives in and out in the daytime, he can press button 1 to open the door. The door will close by itself after 30 seconds. Of course, he can press button 3 to close it immediately as soon as he goes out of the gate. In addition, lamp need to be turn on at night, he can press button 2 to turn on the lamp. And he can press button 4 to switch off the lamp at once or let it go out by itself.

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