2 Channel Remote Control Switch Lamp On and Off to Test Receiver Work Well

Question from customer:

I want to use the remote control to replace the button of my contactor. Since the switch will be activated rarely, is it possible to test the communication with the remote to be sure that the transmitter’s battery and receiver work correctly?

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We came up with a good idea that it can replace your manual switch to remote control contactor and to test whether the transmitter’s battery and receiver work correctly. So we recommend normally open/ closed 2 channel AC remote controller (S2U-AC220+C-2). The normally open/closed contact terminals are applied to universal power supply. In other word, normally open /closed contact terminals are as a switch for device. You need to supply DC or AC power to your controlled devices. The maximum current is 10ampere for each channel and its working distance is about 100m.


We got a plan for your problem. At first, it is the wiring. Look at the following wiring diagram. A&B terminals are the normally closed terminals. B&C terminals are normally open terminals. Being controlled devices will be connected to normally open terminals. It means that it won’t work in off-state when you disconnect the circuit. We will connect an AC lamp to relay 1 and button of contactor to relay 2. They are supplied to the same power.


And this receiver works with two-button transmitter. There are four working modes in it. They are Toggle, Momentary, Latched, Momentary + Toggle. We set Toggle mode. You want to make sure the transmitter’s battery and receiver correct working but the switch will be activated rarely. You see, the lamp is for test. When you want to test remote controller, you press button 1, if the lamp is switched on, then the transmitter and receiver work. When you press button 1 again, turn off lamp. Press button 2, turn on the contactor, press button 2 again, turn off the contactor.

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