12V Remote with Waterproof Case Switch On and Off 2 LED Lamps

A brand new 2 channel 12V toggle remote control kit (S2RX-DC12&C-2) has been added to our online shop now. Wireless control 12V electronics including lights, LEDs, relays, dc motors and other low current devices. You can control receiver with transmitter (remote control) from any place within a reliable distance; the wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.

remote control kit

The receiver is installed in a black waterproof case. Six colors‘ wires are connected corresponding terminals inside of the receiver. Wires are bound together and stuffed in black connection wire. The connection wire outside of the case is 20 cm.


Here is the show of controlling two led lamp. The following is the material.

1×rf receiver with waterproof case(S2RX-DC12)

1×2-button transmitter(C-2)

2×LED lamps

12V power supply

S2RX-DC12&C-2 material

Next step is the wiring procedure. The wiring diagram is for your reference. Wires:

Red    =  Input +12V

Black  =  Input Ground (-)

Yellow =  Output 1 +12V

Brown  =  Output 1 Ground (-)

Blue   =  Output 2 +12V

Green  =  Output 2 Ground (-)

circuit configuration

S2RX-DC12&C-2 wiring


Press button 1: Turn on lamp 1

S2RX-DC12&C-2 lamp 1 on

Press button 1 again: Turns off lamp 1

S2RX-DC12&C-2 lamp 1 off

Press button 2: Turn on lamp 2

S2RX-DC12&C-2 lamp 2 on

Press button 2 again: Turns off lamp 2

S2RX-DC12&C-2 lamp 2 off

Operation Video:


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