12V Remote Control for 12V and 9V Motor Simultaneously

Question from customer:

I want to run a 12V dc winch that uses a car battery for power. I also want to run a small 9 volt dc motor. And small motor is powered by small calculation power supply. I wonder if there the remote controller which can be used for those two motor which need two different voltages to supply.


This 2CH normally open/closed contact remote control kit (S2U-DC12+C-2) is very suitable for you. It operates in toggle, momentary, latched and toggle+momentary mode (set the mode as you like freely). You can use it to complete two operations at the same time. So it can control 12V and 9V motors in the meantime.


It is normally open/closed contact which is suitable for AC110~240V or DC0~28V. Two different devices can be connected to the remote control kit. Here is the wiring diagram. A&B terminals is normally closed, B&C terminals is normally open. We usually connect motors to normally open terminals. So 2 motors are connected to B&C terminals of relay 1 and relay 2 respectively. And supply power to the receiver. Owing to no current output for motors from receiver, so 2 motors must be supplied power with different voltage individually as your requirement.


In addition, its transmitter is 2-button style. Our suggestion is toggle mode for controlling two motors.  After switching on power, press button 1, turn on motor 1; press button 1 again, turn off motor1. Press button 2, turn on motor 2; press button 2 again, turn off motor 2.

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